I know I haven’t posted here in far too long, and I promise that a full update is on its way. There is so much to catch up on! But, for now, I wanted to at least let everyone know about a really special event coming up in Redwood City, CA, May 13th 7pm. I would absolutely love to see any and all who are in the area and can make it!

A fellow MBC patient, advocate, and filmmaker, Trish Russo, and the bare team are hosting a co-screening of our films. As many already know, bare is a short film co-written by Kerith Lemon and myself, directed by Kerith, and inspired by the true story that I wrote about how my friends helped me cope with my first stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis at age 25 by helping me shave my head. Our goal with bare was to create something empowering for the breast cancer community and to help all those affected by the illness to feel less alone.

Trish’s film, Love Always, Mom, is an award-winning new feature documentary about her experience building a family via surrogacy after her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis. The film is a rare, honest glimpse into the reality of what it means to have MBC at such a young age, the unique challenges that we face as younger patients, and how we learn to cope and find joy despite it all.

Young men and women with MBC are a largely underserved population that are too often left without adequate resources to help them face the many challenges that living with a terminal illness, during what was supposed to be the prime of our lives, present. Both films address different aspects of a young diagnosis and bring to light important issues that need more attention – peer support, redefining one’s identity, infertility, family planning – the list goes on. Trish and I, along with her surrogate and her surrogate’s husband, will participate in a panel discussion after the films. There will also be a Q and A, during which you’ll have a chance to ask us about anything that the films may have brought up. It should be a wonderful, insightful evening, and I highly encourage all to attend.

Please come show your support and help fill the theater, so that we can clearly demonstrate just how many people do care about MBC. That’s the first step towards correcting the current imbalance in research funding that by and large leaves those of us with MBC feeling, well, forgotten and left to die, to put it frankly.

Funding MBC research is the only way to take death off of the table for ALL breast cancer patients, no matter the stage.

Please visit this link for tickets and more information. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I look forward to seeing you there. Thank you! ❤ 



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